Meet the Beloved Communities Network Team


Leila McCabe-Williams

Executive Director, Beloved Communities Network & Founder, JoyLabs

Leila (she/her), executive director of the Beloved Communities Network and founder of JoyLabs, is a Mama, artist, strategist, movement maker and builder. She brings over 15 years of experience in community and campus organizing, electoral organizing, movement building and facilitation.

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Meet Our Advisory Board

Aisha Shillingford

Artistic Director

Aisha is a multi-disciplinary artist, world builder, designer and cultural strategist originally from Trinidad & Tobago. She is an alumna of Laundromat Project's Creative Change Fellowship, a member of the New Museum Incubator, and an inaugural Fellow at the Race Forward Butterfly Lab for Immigrant Narrative Strategy.

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Anasa Troutman

Writer, Producer, and Entrepreneur

A writer, producer, and entrepreneur, Anasa has dedicated her work to the importance of culture and the power of love. As CEO of Culture Shift Creative, Anasa works to build and execute strategies for artists and organizations that are aligned with her belief in creativity as a pathway to personal, community, and global transformation.

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Jacqui Patterson

Founder and Executive Director

Jacqueline Patterson is the founder and executive director of The Chisholm Legacy Project, a resource hub for Black frontline climate justice leadership. Previously, she was senior director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program. Since 2007, she has served as coordinator and co-founder of Women of Color United.

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Judith Le Blanc

Director, Native Organizers Alliance

Judith is a member of the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma, and director of the Native Organizers Alliance, a national Native training and organizing network. She worked within MSC for four years as a member of the Transitions Lab community.

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Taj James

Poet, Strategist, Designer, and Advisor

Taj is a father, poet, strategist, designer, and philanthropic and capital advisor. He is the founder and current board president of MSC, founding partner at Full Spectrum Capital Partners, and co-founder with Kat Taylor of The Good Life Pledge.

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Tomas Garduno

Social Justice Strategist

Tomás works as a social justice strategist, most recently as the national field director for Mijente, an independent political home for Chicanx/Latinx organizing. He has over 20 years experience in political strategy and campaign development.

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