Meet Our Transition Labs Facilitators.

Aisha Shillingford

Artistic Director at Intelligent Mischief

Anti-disciplinary artist, designer, cultural strategist committed to unleashing Black imagination to shape the future. Cultivating connection to beautiful futures grounded in Black liberation.

Calvin Williams

Senior Advisor at Think Common Entertainment

Dynamic cultural strategist & policy futurist with 15+ years’ experience in building immersive, irresistible narratives for justice, equity and inclusion. Skilled in organizing creative, story-based campaigns that activate diverse constituencies to exercise their power to achieve their vision for the future where Justice and Joy thrive.

Cedar Landsman

Founder at Relational Uprising

Cedar Landsman is a heart-centered organizer, facilitator, teacher and consultant of white Jewish heritage who has worked in the field of social justice for nearly 20 years. She was an organizer in the global justice movement of the early 2000s, and participated in transnational solidarity organizing and mass mobilizations across the US and Latin America against corporate-driven international trade policy.

Kristen Zimmerman

Movement Maker, Storyteller, Graphic Recorder

Kristen is a storyteller, world-builder and way-finder based in Oakland, CA. Her comics and stories weave magic, memory & nonfiction to repair intergenerational trauma, reconnect us to ancestral wisdom, and open new possibilities for the future. Her people are the ones who live in the in-between spaces and generate hope.

Julie Quiroz

Founder at New Moon Collaborations

Julie Quiroz (she/her) is the founder and lead strategist of New Moon Collaborations, which nurtures leaps in culture to transform systems and structures for generations to come.

Leila McCabe Williams

Director at Beloved Communities Network

Leila (she/her), is executive director of the Beloved Communities Network and founder of JoyLabs, is a Mama, artist, strategist, movement maker and builder. She brings over 15 years of experience in community and campus organizing, electoral organizing, movement building and facilitation.

Lucién Demaris

Co-Director, Embodiment Coach, Trainer and Consultant at Relational Uprising

Lucién is a Somatics-based healer, teacher, coach and consultant who has worked in the fields of healing and somatics for over 20 years in the US and internationally. Lucién’s somatic and embodiment work focuses on disrupting the oppressive over-corrective tendencies of the culture of individual heroic perfectionism permeating mainstream healing, and other therapeutic and somatic frames.

Rosa González

Founder at Facilitating Power

With over 20 years of experience in facilitative leadership, Rosa E. González brings a balance of heart and rigor to her consulting in dynamic group process for strategic road-mapping and collaboration, transformative leadership, storytelling, and program development. She blends facilitative leadership and participatory methods to activate the capacity of groups to creatively address complex issues.

Taj James

Full Spectrum Capital Partners, Full Spectrum Labs, Movement Strategy Fund

Taj James is a father, poet, strategist, ecosystem designer, investor and capital advisor. Taj thrives building community around the shared the questions that matter most in our lives: how can we build the relationships and express the love needed to transform our world? How do we support leaders and communities to unlock potential and possibility, see the ecosystem and the whole, and design and act in ways that bend the long arc of history towards balance and harmony?


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