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Inspired by Dr. King’s: Where do we go from here? Chaos or Community?

In the midst of the chaos of pandemic and the crumbling of a system based on violence, domination and extraction, how do we create communities committed to cultivating a paradigm of love, regeneration, resilience and interdependence? What is Beloved Community? Where can we find it? And will it transform society?

Join us on this quest to understand the vision, experiences, and practices of the people who are cultivating communities of care, resilience and regeneration and building the power needed to transform our society.

Join us every third Sunday of the month at 12pm pst.

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Conflict Resolution Within Beloved Community

Episode 5 of Beloved Communities Network Radio Show featuring Host Taj James and Special Guests Weyam Ghadbian and Jovida Ross with an insightful discussion around conflict resolution. Weyam Ghadbian is an energy healer, meditation instructor, and transformative facilitator. Jovida Ross is Executive Director of Real Food Real Stories.

Shaping Liberation Through Black Imagination

February 20, 2022

Episode 4 of Beloved Communities Network Radio Show featuring Host Taj James and renouned guests Calvin Williams and Terry Marshall Cultural Strategist and Social Impact producer.

The After Party

January 16, 2022

Listen to the conversation following episode 3 of Beloved Communities Network Radio Show featuring Host Taj James and Special Guest Malkia Devich-Cyril with Anasa Troutman.

Digital Rights, Narrative Power, Black Liberation, and Collective Grief

January 16, 2022

Malkia Devich-Cyril is an activist, writer and public speaker on issues of digital rights, narrative power, Black liberation and collective grief. Devich-Cyril is also the founding and former Executive Director of MediaJustice — a national hub boldly advancing racial justice, rights and dignity in a digital age.

Culture and the Power of Love

November 21, 2021

A writer, producer, and entrepreneur, Anasa has dedicated her work to the importance of culture and the power of love. As CEO of Culture Shift Creative, Anasa works to build and execute strategies for artists and organizations that are aligned with her belief in creativity as a pathway to personal, community, and global transformation. Best known for her work as strategic advisor and executive producer for long time friend India.Arie, Anasa awakened to her life’s work during her time in Atlanta, Georgia, attending Spelman College and founding Groovement/EarthSeed Music, a successful record label and collective of cutting edge, visionary musicians, performers, and writers.


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