“When you are embodied, you are mindful of your body- its shape, weight, and density- and have the capacity to be aware of feelings and sensations that arise from it as and when they do (not after or before).

-Laura Khoudari


This beloved community of practice is to explore how physical movement and resistance training can serve as a vehicle to move social justice change makers towards healing ourselves and our communities.

JoyLabs presents a new kind of fitness space for healing, community building and systems transformation through deep embodiment and somatic practices meant to address long held traumas on both the social and individual levels. Deep embodiment is when the internal meets the external and shifts the way we move through this world. When you approach resistance training in an embodied way, the external power accelerates the internal transformation thus accelerating collective healing and transformation as well. When JoyLabs participants engage in resistance training, they begin to notice what is being held in the body and in the community, and their capacity to shift what is possible in the world expands.

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