Forced Trajectory Project (FTP) is a media, public relations and advocacy organization that began in 2009, documenting the rippling effects police violence has on communities beginning with the families who have lost their loved ones to police murder. Utilizing moving pictures, stills, and sound, the project’s goal is to paint an intimate and accurate portrait of the “forced trajectory” these family members find themselves on after their loved one is killed.

What began as a photojournalism project to bring attention to the aftermath of police violence and the experience of police homicide survivors, has expanded into an independent media outlet reporting on the issue of police violence and the impact it has on affected families and communities. With a staff of multimedia artists and journalists, FTP serves as an official internship option for University of Nevada-Las Vegas Journalism & Media Studies undergraduate students. FTP aims to uplift frontline community voices and dispel the myths that surround use-of-force and American policing.